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Kagayaku Logistics Honored with the Prestigious SME 100 Awards 2022

Date :15th March 2016

Kagayaku Logistics (M) Sdn Bhd sponsored two containers to be used as changing rooms for students at St. Anne Convent in Port Klang. This initiative is aimed at providing a safe and convenient space for students to change clothes, enhancing their comfort and privacy. The containers have been repurposed and possibly customized to suit the needs of the students. They are likely equipped with necessary amenities such as benches, hooks for hanging clothes, mirrors, and proper lighting to ensure a functional and comfortable environment.
These containers will greatly benefit the students of St. Anne Convent, especially those involved in sports and extracurricular activities that require frequent changes of attire. It demonstrates the positive impact of corporate social responsibility initiatives and the importance of community engagement by local businesses. This sponsorship reflects Kagayaku Logistics’ commitment to supporting the local community and improving the facilities at educational institutions.

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