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Coordinated Flood Relief Efforts In Taman Sri Muda, Klang

Date : 20 December 2021

In a collaborative effort to support the victims of the recent flood in Taman Sri Muda, Kagayaku Logistics has actively participated in providing essential aid. Teaming up with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Kagayaku Logistics has contributed significantly to the relief efforts, showcasing their commitment to community welfare and disaster response.
The aid provided by Kagayaku Logistics includes a variety of crucial supplies to assist the flood victims in this challenging time. They have distributed food packages to ensure that affected families have access to nutritious meals. Additionally, clothing donations have been made to help those who lost their possessions in the flood. Furthermore, the provision of medicines is a critical aspect of their support, addressing the health needs and preventing potential outbreaks of diseases in the aftermath of the flood.

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